Battle of the Bulge
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American Highlight Tour

American Highlight Tour

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This tour runs from 9 AM until 5:15 PM

The American Highlight Tour is the standard one-day Bastogne tour that I guide.

Mardasson Memorial

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This tour gives you a general overview on the Battle for Bastogne. The German Lines of Attack and the American Lines of Defense.I show you the actual battlefields, foxholes, bunkers, bulletholes which still remain today. We visit the sites of the 101st Airborne Division and follow General Patton’s trail into the city hereby using lots of original photo’s and personal accounts that were given to me by the veterans themselves.

We visit the woods where Easy Company  of the 506 PIR was dug in, talk about Team Cherry, Team Desobry and Team O’Hara, and more … This  tour highlights the men who fought for our freedom.

The defense of Bastogne was a battle that was fought in all the small villages around the city while team SNAFU was getting ready to jump in. I can only speak highly of the fine young men, most of them were barely 20  years old, who defended Bastogne at all cost,as they were ordered, with a shortage of ammo, food and warm  clothes. Snow came up to their knees and temperatures dropped to – 8 F  at night.

On this tour we walk their steps !

I dedicate this tour to these fine young men who gave us freedom and I hereby promise to preserve their legacy and  to pass on their stories to the next generations. This tour is a tribute to those who came back and those who never returned !



We start the tour at the MARDASSON memorial on the high ground outside of Bastogne where I’ll give a small presentation about the Battle of the Bulge and the strategic importance of the city of Bastogne in this battle.

Neffe – Bizory : Team Cherry. 501 PIR meet with General Bayerlein. 2nd Panzer Div., Panzer Lehr , 26th Volksgrenadiers attack.

Halt Station : The German breakthrough on 21 Dec 1944. Easy Company Memorial. The Incredible Patrol

Jack Woods Easy Company 506 PIR lines overlooking Foy. Band of Brothers.

Foy : The battles in Foy.

Nuts Cave : Brig Gen Anthony McAuliffe’s 101st ABN  Divisional HQ. NUTS !!!!! (Military Barracks/Museum)

Clochimont – Assenois : General George  Patton’s 4th Armored Div, CCR under Lt Col Abrams breaks the German encirclement. 326 Airborne Engineers Battalion.

Hemroulle – Rolle Castle – Champs : The German breakthrough on 25 Dec 1944. Situation prior to and after the battle.

Recogne :’ We were Bastards ‘, ‘Hell’s night’

Recogne – Foy : German Cemetery and Temporary American Cemetery

Noville : Team Desobry.