Battle of the Bulge
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Roby Clam

Harlange Pocket

( Grand Duchey of Luxembourg – Lutrebois – Wiltz – Harlange – Villers La Bonne Eau )

I can only speak very highly of my colleague and good friend

Roby Clam


Robert Clam


Over  the past decades Roby has dedicated his life and work to history. I don’t only admire him for his knowledge but also for his dedication, his guiding qualities, his way to bring history to the people  and all the great work he does for the Community of Bastogne and the returning veterans.

His way to tell facts and details from all three sides (US, German and Civilian) makes him an expert in guiding the battlefields  and the exposition ‘ I was 20 In ‘45 ’ in Bastogne.

When I ‘m not available to tour Bastogne myself, I advise you  to contact Roby!

Roby specializes in guiding tours in Bastogne and the Harlange Pocket. I strongly recommend to take a tour in this rather ‘ forgotten ‘ but very significant area.

! It’s a one of a kind  experience !

Roby guides tours in English, French and German!

You can contact him directly at : Roby Clam

or on his website :

Roby Clam