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Exploring the Battlefields in Bastogne is a wonderful experience. You don’t have to be a WWII history freak to have a good time here but being an enthusiastic buff helps a lot.

Many battles were fought in the small hamlets and woods around the city. There’s so much history here one can easily spend several days, just to tour Bastogne.

I offer one and two-day, customized tours and also give private detailed tours on the Siege of Bastogne. You will learn what it was like for these brave men of the Greatest Generation to fight an unknown enemy on unknown soil, how they stood against an overwhelming German force, without enough ammo, food or warm clothing, …..

American Highlight Tour

Band of Brothers Tour

                                                           Bastogne Two Day Tour

                                                        Then & Now Tour

                                                         Specialist Tour

                                                        Private Tour

All Bastogne tours start at 9:00 AM and end around 5:00 PM  

It is impossible to combine a Bastogne Tour with another tour on the same day. A two-day customized tour can be made on special request.

Please check the FAQ page for more details.