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Bob Konings

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Bob Konings

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In 2008 Bob Konings moved to the Belgian Ardennes with his wife and two sons. Being a big WW2 history buff he wanted to learn more about two local villages and began researching their specific role during the Battle of the Bulge. This resulted in a website focusing on the fierce battles in and around the area of Grandmenil and Manhay. Inevitably the website sparked further research and eventually brought together a group of sixteen likeminded enthusiasts from The Netherlands, Belgium, England and the US.

 In 2011 Bob began guiding people around the Grandmenil area but soon widened his knowledge and experience to other areas. Animated and knowledgeable, always looking for new stories and clues, today, Bob’s tours will take you to the foxholes, monuments and museums creating a backdrop for his wonderful narratives ably delivered in Dutch, English and German.

 Bob can and will take you deep into the battlefields of the 75th Infantry Divison, 3rd Armored Division, 83rd Infantry Division, 551st Parachute Infantry Battalion and the entire trail of Joachim Peiper. If you have any specific interests it is also possible to arrange customised tours. “If we have to go through knee deep mud, we will go through knee deep mud!” Bob also owns “Bo Temps”, a lovely guesthouse and the perfect way to start your full battle tour day.

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