Battle of the Bulge
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Many books about WWII  have been written and others are in progress to be published. Please bear in mind that books can be written, copy-pasted, re-written and published by anyone and that these publications not always guarantee historical accuracy. 

Looking for some good reads?  Here’s a random list of  some books that I highly recommend!



Battle of the Bulge &  Bastogne

Hitler’s Warrior by Danny Parker

Fatal Crossroads by Danny Parker 

Those who hold Bastogne by Peter Schrijvers

No Victory in Valhalla by Ian Gardner

Battered Bastards of Bastogne by George Koskimaki 

Seven roads to hell by Donald R Burgett

Noville outpost of Bastogne  by Don Addor 

The men of Bastogne  by Fred MacKenzie 

A time for trumpets by Charles MacDonald 

Alamo in the Ardennes by John McManus 

Dear Captain , et al by Allan Howerton 

Battle: The story of the Bulge by John Toland 

To save Bastogne by Robert Phillips

The longest winter by Alex Kershaw

Infantry Soldiers by George W Neill

The Battle of the Bulge : Then and Now by Jean-Paul Pallud

Blocking Kampfgruppe Peiper by Frank van Lunteren

Three Day Pass by James V Morgia 

In the perimeter of Bastogne by Joss Heintz 




Other WWII Campaigns

No Victory in Valhalla official cover



Deliver us from darkness by Ian Gardner

Angels of Mercy by Paul Woodadge

Americans on D-Day by Martin K.A. Morgan 

Glider Infantryman by Kevin Brooks

War as I knew it by George Patton

From Toccoa to the Eagles nest by Dalton Einhorn 

Fighting with the Screaming Eagles by Robert Bowen 

All American All the way by Phil Nordyke 

Tonight we die as men by Ian Gardner 

All the way to Berlin by James Megellas  

On to Berlin by James Gavin 

Vanguard of the Crusade by Mark A Bando 

101st Airborne : The Screaming Eagles in WWII by Mark A Bando 

The Screaming Eagles in Normandy by Mark A Bando

Avenging Eagles  by Mark A Bando 

Hells Highway by George Koskimaki 

Rendezvous with destiny by Taylor and Rapport













Beyond band of brothers by Richard Winters Cole C Kingseed 

Biggest Brother by Larry Alexander

In the Footsteps of the band of brothers  by Larry Alexander 

Brothers in Battle , Best of Friends by Bill Guarnere and Babe Heffron

Call of Duty by Buck Compton 

Easy Company soldier by Don Malarkey

Shifty’s War by Marcus Brotherton 

A company of heroes by Marcus Brotherton 

We who are alive and remain by Marcus Brotherton 

The simple sounds of freedom by Taylor 

Look out below by Francis Sampson 

It was my war by Bill Sefton

The sky is the limit by Ralph Manley 

The Liberator by Alex Kershaw