Battle of the Bulge
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Over the past years international authors, historians, companies and local Communities have used my services as a WWII Historical Consultant. I always was and will be honored to be a part of their projects. I have been advising cities in the preparation of their commemorative festivities, I escorted authors who were doing research for their books and I have given historical details to Valor Studios for their new upcoming print about Bastogne! I also helped out several Museums with Historical advise.

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Some services featured on this page are primarily for people who are unable to or have no plans to visit Belgium. If you are booking a tour with me, then most of these services can be incorporated into your tour package. If you are booking a bespoke private tour following a specific unit, I am usually able to undertake at least the main portion of research at no additional cost.

Medal Presentation

For returning veterans I can arrange a special ceremony and have the Official Medal from the City of Bastogne presented to them! No costs at all to this service!

Bill Colwell 502 PIR


Grave photography

There are several military cemeteries in and near Belgium, the most famous are probably the American Cemetery located at Hamm, Luxembourg and the one at Henri-Chapelle. There are also many large and small Commonwealth cemeteries that are the final resting place of soldiers, sailors and airmen from Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other Countries who had forces serving in Belgium. With the German cemetery in Lommel, the small Polish cemetery and the many churches that have Belgian civilian casualties there are literally tens of thousands of graves from 1944 across the Ardennes region.

I am happy to take digital photographs of any grave or memorial in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg and forward them to you by e-mail or on CD. This is a service I offer to relatives and historians who are unable to travel to these places.

My charges for this vary. If the grave you are interested in is at a cemetery that I visit regularly or is close to my home, I can usually offer this service at no cost to you at all. But some cemeteries are  a two hour drive from my home and require a special trip. How urgently you require the photo can also affect my charges, for example if there is no rush I may be able to take a photo on another trip I am making.

Please contact me with any questions you have about this service.


Wreaths and Flowers

In addition to my grave photo service, I can also arrange for wreaths and flowers to be laid at a grave or memorial that is special to you. In the past I have read poems at gravesides, placed small gifts from family members from all over the World.

I can arrange for re-enactors in uniform to be present and can also video the ceremony and supply you with an edited DVD.  Again the costs of this vary, and if you require a wreath-laying on a specific date, my schedule is such that I am not available on every date, so please contact me as soon as you can.

This service can be performed at all the memorials in the Ardennes and at the American Cemeteries in Margraten -the Netherlands, Henri-Chapelle – Belgium, Neupré (Neuville-en-Condroz) -Belgium, Hamm-Luxembourg.