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Over the past years internationally recognized authors, historians, companies and communities have used my services as a WWII Historical Consultant. I always was and will be honored to be a part of their projects. I have been advising cities in the preparation of their commemorative festivities, I helped authors with the research for their books and I have been a historical advisor to Valor Studios for their prints of Bastogne! I also helped out several Museums as a consultant  and worked with the WWII Foundation as Event Organizer for the 2016 Bastogne Band of Brothers Actors Reunion. 


No Victory in Valhalla – by Ian Gardner

Airborne- by Ian Gardner (Acknowledgements)

In the Footsteps of  Band of Brothers- by Larry Alexander

From Toccoa to the Eagle’s Nest- by Dalton Einhorn

Angels of Mercy- by Paul Woodadge (Acknowledgements)

The Life of Anthony C McAuliffe- by Kenneth McAuliffe

The Other Side Of Life- by Andy Cutler (Historical Fiction)




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Some services featured on this page are primarily for people who are unable to or have no plans to visit Belgium. If you are booking a tour with me, then most of these services can be incorporated into your tour package. If you are booking a bespoke private tour following a specific unit, I am usually able to undertake at least the main portion of research at no additional cost.

Medal Presentation

For returning veterans I can arrange a special ceremony and have the Official Medal from the City of Bastogne presented to them! No costs at all to this service!

Bill Colwell 502 PIR