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  • Kevin Brooks:

    Nice job Reg! Keep up the good work!


  • Jo:

    Great website you’ve got here. Loads of information ! Well done !!

  • Jo:

    Proud to be your brother.

  • Rony:

    I like it!
    As Taylor said:”Well done!”

    Thanks for all Reg.

  • Tony Coulter:

    Great site Reg! Your love of history and the vets is unsurpassed. Best wishes for all your success !

    Tony Coulter
    Philadelphia PA

  • Ellen Peters:

    Great website, Reg. I hope to book a tour in mid-February to coincide with Emile Lacroix’s “IN the Footsteps of the 82nd March.”

  • Great webpage Reg. Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping the memory alive. There’s no-one better than you to guide people through the battlefields in and around Bastogne. Thanks for letting me tag along a couple of times!

  • Reg, I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of Bastogne. For those interested in taking the tour you will find Reg to be kind hearted, generous and genuine. He has the ability to describe the events that took place in vivid detail and share the stories of the experiences of Veterans and Towns people. He will take you to places that you would not be able to find otherwise. As a military officer, I appreciate his ability to tie in the individual, tactical, operational and strategic levels of war from the perspective of the Allied and Axis forces. Regardless of your background, knowledge or experience, Reg will help you to understand the significance of the battle.

    Thanks again Reg, and I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

  • Stu Marchington:

    Cracking website Reg! Hope all is well. Looking forward to returning to Bastogne some point early next year.


  • Albert Almeida:

    Reg, I will never forget the fantastic tour you gave for my Dad, Amos Almeida, B Company, 502PIR, 101st Airborne, and our family. What a fantastic guide you are! Thanks again, and hope to meet with you again.

  • Great Website Reg!

    Keep the history alive.

    regards from Switzerland


  • Good work Reg, glad to see you got your own spot here now !
    Hope to see ya again in Bastogne soon !

  • Tari Robinson:

    Wow Reg! This is awesome! It is so wonderful to see your dream, passion, and knowledge come together so beatuifully. What a fantastic asset you were to our Band of Brothers tour. Thank you for sharing your wealth of information with us. Keep the passion for the past allive! Well done, friend.

  • Lucy & Mims Van Zandt:

    Terrific, Reg! So good to see this website up. Our tour of Bastogne with you was unforgettable, a once in a lifetime experience. It meant so much to me since my dad had served there with the 101st. You made it all come alive!

  • Good luck Reg, Your website is A ok…

  • Ryan Lesh:

    Great site, Reg. Anxious to see this continue to grow and develop. It’s a great way to make yet another contribution to remembering those who fought. Be well!

  • Jennifer Bassarear:

    Hello again Reg!! I am thrilled to see your new website. We consider it such a blessing that we were referred to you last summer to visit Malmedy and Bastogne. Mike and I will never forget the extra effort you made to honor my father’s service with the 285th Field Artillery Battalion. The memorial and press you arranged for when we visited the site of the Massacre at Malmedy was one of the greatest moments of my life. We never ever expected any of it, and that’s what made it so special. Bastogne was a bonus we never expected the next day either. To visit McAuliffe’s bunker on the base and receive the United States flag and other items from the alderman from Bastogne was so special.
    My dad just flew his flag on the 4th of July, and he loves it when people ask the story behind the tattered, weathered flag. Even though, as you know, my dad refused our invitation to go back to France and Belgium on that trip, the memories too horrific still at age 86, he will never forget the tribute you made possible for us to bring back to him. It was a great comfort to him to know he will be remembered as part of Belgian history forever.
    You went above and beyond the “tour guide” title, and I will be forever grateful. Best of luck to you!!

  • Scoat the Sniper Scout:

    Say Reg. You walk in the spirit of Yankee Jim and the whole crew on the
    site. Those God has chosen to preserve the stories that boots on the ground have placed in history; are very special people in the hearts of warriors. God Bless your efforts, and hope one day to take the tour. Scoat

  • Guido Raymaekers:

    Proficiat Reg,
    een hele mooie site, verzorgd en zeer duidelijk. Doe zo voort !!
    Vriendelijke groeten,
    Guido Raymaekers

  • Congratulations, Reg, re your new web site and thanks for all that you do to keep the WW II Ardennes campaign alive and remembered. I am appreciative of your listing my book, “Dear Captain, et al.: the Agonies and the Ecstasies of War and Memory” that tells the story of one 84th Infantry Division rifle company in the Battle of the Bulge as well as in the Siegfried Line and across central Europe to the Elbe River.

  • Congratulations, Reg, on “being in the air” now!
    Nice job. From all of us at the Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation, we wish you well in your future endeavours. We thank you for the great job you did for us during our Operation Torch trips. Your expertise, your humor, your unlimited energy made sure that we, and our guests, had a memorable time in the Bastogne area.
    Again: ALL THE BEST to you, friend, ALL THE WAY!
    Petra Wenstedt-Pulles, Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

  • Hi

    Great site. Passed thru Bastogne and Bois Jacques a couple of weeks ago on my way to Normandy. Mardasson was closed and we were the only visitors in the Bois that day. Hoped to see you there, but maybe next time.


  • Brad:

    Reg my wife and myself will never forget the memorable tour that you took us on. It will a lifelong memory for the both of us.

    If you are looking for a tour of Bastogne you must book with Reg. He gives real life accounts that bring the experience to life. His passion is what sets his tours apart from the others. Truly an unforgettable and memorable experience.

    New Jersey

  • Nick:

    Finally got the time to scroll and read your whole website. Fantastic website, and already trying to plan a tour among friends!
    Keep it going Reg!

    Many respect, Nick

  • Robin Vertenten:

    Great tour today in Bastogne! Fully covered with stories from veterans, loads of pictures , then and now comparisons , Also many historic places on this one day tour! Highly recommended!

    Thanks ,


  • Ron Bodine:

    Nice website Reg! I toured with you back in 2007 with my brother in law, riding with you in your van. You made bare fields come to life with stories and pictures from WW2 – it was a highlight of my 3 year tour of duty with the USAF in Europe. We hope to return sometime!

    Ron Bodine

  • Sean Lockhead:

    I had the absolute pleasure of touring the Bastogne and surrounding Ardennes areas with Reg recently. Unfortunately for me, I only had one day; however, Reg was able to schedule a full day of sights and activities. Reg was able to use his intimate knowledge of the area to squeeze as much out of our day as possible. To say that Reg is passionate about the sights and the stories of the veterans is a huge understatement. It is that passion that you will see come shining through in the discussions. It is also this passion that makes history truly come alive. It was remarkable to see and experience the places I have only read about in person and understand and be able to tie it all together. Along with knowledge of the actual sights, Reg relates many, many stories from veterans and about veterans, it allows you to get a true personal sense of what went on during the time.
    One of my favorite things about spending time with Reg was his use of the “then and now” concept. While standing at a particular location, Reg will tell the details of what occurred there and then be able to show a picture of how that location looked back during WWII. Some of the locations were fantastic to see in that way.
    Overall, when Reg says that he is not a guide and that he offers experiences, I do not think that there is a better way to say it. I would HIGHLY recommend Reg when you are in the Bastogne / Ardennes area to show you the experience of a lifetime.

    Sean Lockhead
    Philadelphia, PA, USA

  • Thomas S Colones:


    Hey TC here I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the tour with you this past month and the many 101st Airborne sites we visited . Your knowledge of the battlefield is unsurpassed and you took us to so many places..with great personal stories and photo …. Then & Now. I can’t wait to return and take another tour with you . One does not realize who big the battlefield is and want to see more. To all who might want to come see where this famous battlefield took place I can highly recommend Reg Jans and his marvelous tour.
    What a remarkable journey you took our group on Reg….a real heart felt tribute to the men who fought here ….. I was touch to just stand in these locations where my fellow countrymen fought years ago..many I have knew but have now passed on into history. What a great way to honor the memory of these men who fought in such harsh conditions. Thank you Reg for a great day of touring .

    Thomas S Colones
    Spartanburg, South Carolina USA!

  • Doug Allison:


    Thanks again for a great tour in September! Sorry it’s taken me a while to get on here and write a testimonial for you.

    I toured with Reg in September and we retraced Kampfgruppe Peiper’s route from Lanzerath to Stoumont Station. I had many questions along the way, and once again Reg was there to answer them. All along the route we stopped and compared some then and now photos and talked about what happened along the way. It was a day of fun and learning to say the least. If you are considering a tour of the Ardennes and are looking for a tour guide, Reg is your man! I’m looking forward to planning my trip in 2012 already.

    Doug Allison
    Pittsburgh, PA USA

  • Kate Drake:

    My husband and I spent a wonderful day touring the battle sites in/near Bastogne with Reg in October. We very much appreciated his depth of knowledge and presentation ability for each battle site. Reg willingly altered the itinerary so that we could see a particular area that was important to us.

    Reg’s personal relationships with many of the veterans and his ability to communicate their experiences made the trip even more meaningful.

    I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a similar tour.

  • Paul Rosenberg:

    We had a group of six that traveled throughout Belgium and Luxumbourg. I found Reg on the internet and we wanted a one day tour of the Bastogne area. The weather was less than optimal from a visibility standpont but was excellent to get a feel for what it was like during the battle. Reg was excellent with his tour in giving us a better understanding of the battle. Touring the actual battle sites was exciting. I highly recommend Reg Jans as a tour guide and in the short time I was with him consider him a good friend. Our trip was in mid November which I suspect makes the weather a ” iffy” proposition. Paul S Rosenberg Madison, Indiana

  • Stewart Davis:

    I wanted to extend a huge Thank You for putting up the Memorial Page to Capt. George “Budd” Primrose. Uncle Budd to me. I just heard the stories of him in the foxhole in Cobru after all these years. Georges son Joel and grandson Eric were just there to be part of the ceremony honoring him. I hope you had a chance to meet them both. I would love to see some pictures of the placard placed in his honor up here on your page.
    And Thank You for keeping the memories alive. “Lest we Forget”

    Stewart Davis
    Concord, Ca. USA

  • Reg: Really enjoyed being with you for the time in the Ardennes. Your tour in and around Bastogne was great. Sorry I could not take you and the convoy to the place in Dochamps, but Michael said that it had changed since I last saw it in 2009 and that was why I could not recognize it. It is too bad that we didn’t have a Helocopter filming our attempt to locate the place. Sorry that I did not know that I would not see you again when you left. I thought you would be there the next day also. Thanks so much for all you did for us.

  • Capt. James v. Morgia:

    James Morgia,84th Infantry Div.,334th Reg, E Co.
    22 December 2011.
    Dear Reg, Thank you for your finding me in the past history of the monumental conflict
    of two great armies within the Belgium Bulge exactly 67 years ago.
    I am part of two great books,’In The footsteps of the Band of Brothers”
    and “Gouvy, Beho”.
    Talking to the combatants and your eloquent speech makes it realistic.

  • John E. McAuliffe; 87th INF.DIV. M-347:

    Hi Reg: I was a guest of Pascal Hainaut back in Jan. 2000. Couldn’t believe there was only one inch of snow on the ground !!!…Also visited with Tilly Kimmes (deceased) of Stiensel, Lux. and M&M of the REMEMBER MUSEUM….Thanks for honoring the Veterans !!!Great Job !!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR ,,,2012

  • Great stories, great guide. Thanks for a very cold but interesting day.

  • Susan Smith Finn:

    Without repeating what everyone else has already posted (all of which is true!) I can honestly say I am so happy I hooked up with Reg while planning a tour of WWWII sites 2 years ago. I was referred to him by mutual friends and he helped me plan my entire trip, not just the two days we were in the Bastogne area, giving me guidance on driving times and things to consider that weren’t part of my planned time in Belgium. To this day, I consider him to be now be one of my closest friends. The fact that everyone feels the same after spending a day with Reg is a testament to his fine character and what a terrific person he is. He not only knows what he is talking about and makes his tours fun, he tailored parts of our day especially for me and took us back after the tour was done to see where my father fought in WWII. Through his eyes, I was able to look through my father’s eyes and what he might have seen. He respects the veterans and family members he has met and formed relationships with and the love and respect he has for all shines through. I cannot say enough good things about Reg. You can’t go wrong if you book a tour with him. I wouldn’t consider anyone else!

  • Fidelia and Greg Fowler:

    We spent a wonderful day with Reg in May 2011. Reg is a wonderful story teller. He is very well informed of the events that took place in the area. He has many personal stories and before and after photos. We would highly recommend touring with Reg.

    I am a nurse in a Veterans Hospital and have had the honor of meeting and caring for a couple of Veterans who served in Bastonge. For me, it was a very moving experience to see where they were and to be able to share my experience with them when I returned home.

    Reg, thanks again for sharing your knowledge and passion with us.

    Fidelia and Greg

  • Sven Schuurmans:

    Hello Reg,

    We had a great time during our Band of Brothers / Battle of the Bulge Trip. We enjoyed the personal stories you told us, the locations, the fox-holes, your enthousiasm and the cold:-) The tour was even better with the snow and freezing temperatures. We will return to Bastogne another time and looking forward to meet you again on another trip. Keep up the good work by telling the great stories of the veterans to the new generations.


    Sven, Jeroen and Ber (Arnhem, The Netherlands)

  • Eric Szuch:

    Hey Reg,
    Took your tour this past Saturday and absolutely loved it! All the information you gave was a great account of the history of the battle. It was great to see all the sites and especially the band of brothers areas where you could see what was real and what was hollywood. You had a ton of information to share and all the stories – it’s impossible to remember them all. Even though my great uncle was not there during the siege, it was still great to see all the history. Thanks for listening to our request to stop at the liquor store so we could get our Bastogne Beer Helmet mugs – best souvenir! Also that brasserie you recommended was top notch! I sampled a few too many and felt it the next morning but it was worth it. I would recommend your tour to anyone wanting to visit Bastogne!
    Eric Szuch
    Ann Arbor Michigan USA

  • Dan Crews:

    Reg, what a terrific day you gave me and my sons. Those eight hours went by in a flash. Your knowledge of the BoB battle field was insightful, informative and and truly inspiring. It’s not a matter of “IF” I would use your services again, but more “WHEN” will I use your expert services again. I hope very soon!!!! Thanks again.

  • Rob Shin:


    Thanks for the great tour, I wish we had more time to spend. Your knowledge of the Battle is amazaing, I am telling everyone down here in Germany to call on you for the tour if they go to Bastogne. I will be in touch when I come back in December. Thanks again!

    Rob Shin

  • Steve Parris:


    My day spent under your wing was a brilliant day of fun, excitement, discovery, and humbleness. Walking the battle lines and firefights around Bastogne, crouching in the fox holes, and listening to your clear and easily understood explanation of the strategic goals and tactical maneuvers of the Allies and Germans brought the complicated and seemingly disjointed battle into focus. But, what really elevated the tour far and away beyond my expectations was your excitement as you recounted the unique and unrecorded fox hole stories told to you over the years by vets of the battle you have escorted and interviewed in the field. My wife, who indulges but does not share my passion for WW2 tours was moved to tears of joy, and sometimes sadness by some of those stories. Your knowledge is indeed encyclopedic; but you never burdened us with jargon or minutia unless asked. You achieved the difficult balance of making the tour a great day for me (who my wife wrote to friends I was “happily nerding out” with you on the Battle); and, for my wife whose interest in the Battle is more about the soldiers and their stories than on Order of Battle. Thank you for a day I shall never forget.

    Steve Parris
    Hurst, Texas

  • Reg,
    You are a fantastic guide and in my view no one is better in telling the stories of the Battle of the Bulge right on the spot where it happens. It feels like touring with a walking history book, you’re knowledge is just awesome and your personal approach during your tours is a big plus. Keep up the fantastic job you do. You’re a good person with a fantastic character, which you gladly show during your tours! A great way to present yourself and the history of the Ardennes buddy!
    Warmest regards from the Netherlands,
    Tom Peeters
    Best, the Netherlands

  • Maarten Slot:

    Thanks Reg!

    Great tour with loads of information, often supported by first-hand (veterans) input to further enhance the experience. Your use of storytelling, locations, photographs and maps during the tour really worked well! Keep up the good work!

  • Doug Allison:

    I had my third tour with Reg back in October, and I have to say it was by far my favorite one yet!We explored all over the Bastogne area from Marvie all the way to the other side of the perimeter to Champs. It was a fun day learning and seeing new things in the Bastogne area. Reg’s knoweldege of what happened almost 68 years ago is amazing. I have read many books and visited the Ardennes many times, and I only wish I could have Reg’s recall of what happened where!

    The best moment of the tour was placing and flowers and taking pictures for the families of two veterans who recently passed away. That just goes to show you the care and respect Reg pays to honoring those who fought there.

    If you are reading this website, and thinking of booking a tour with Reg, do it! You won’t be disappointed I promise.

    Doug Allison
    Pittsburgh PA USA

  • koen bolckmans:

    Beste Reg,

    Bedankt voor de fantastische rondleiding van de Band of Brothers tour.
    Dankzij jou kennis en verhalen uit eerste hand van veteranen hebben we een reeel beeld gekregen
    van de omvang van de gevechten van de easy company in the battle of the Bulge.


  • John Magan:

    Thanks for a great tour and experience, Reg. Unforgettable. I particularly appreciated how you punctured some of the myths and “Hollywood-ization” about what happened, and your quiet respect for all combatants of both sides, many of whom were unwilling.

  • Timothy Long:

    Reg, Bastogne was a blast! I would strongly recommend your tour and wish to thank you for your time and enthusiasm. Good Luck for the future.

  • Mike Hobbs:

    Reg, the tour of the Bastogne area that you conducted for Bev and me in late May far exceeded my expectations. You graciously tailored the tour to my interests in my dad’s involvement in the Battle of the Bulge as a lineman for the 773rd Field Artillery Battallion in Patton’s Third Army and in Easy Company’s role at Bastogne as portrayed in the film Band of Brothers. It was thrilling for me to see where Easy Company was actually positioned in the forest and where they assaulted Foy. Your knowledge of what happened in the Bastogne area was spectacular. You pointed out that some things portrayed in the film Band of Brothers, such as the death of Lt. Dike at Foy, did not really happen. Your attention to fact and detail is appreciated. I also appreciated your telling us about the Belgian nurse, who was killed in a shelling of Bastogne as portrayed in the film, who was home for Christmas when the Bulge occurred and bravely offered her services to care for wounded GI’s. I’m glad there is a plaque in Bastogne honoring her sacrifice. I liked hearing about the Easy Company men you have met. Your deep respect for what my dad’s generation of American soldiers accomplished in the Bulge and at Bastogne touched me. Your hospitality was unsurpassed. Thank you very much.

  • Reg-We have shared with you that we have visited the Bastogne area twice before, but this year with your guideance we had an awesome time. Our other visits were superficial compared to the intense information you shared. While you say you are not an historian, spending time with you was like sitting in a history class. In retrospect we wish we had alloted more time, but perhaps next year. Again thanks

  • Mike Baldinger:

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent experience we had with you visiting Bastogne. I especially appreciated the specific emphasis you put on my father’s unit’s (H/3/506)

    Will contact you if we are in your part of the world again.

  • Dennis de Munck:

    Great site Reg,

    Keep up the good work!

    Greetz Dennis de Munck

  • Chris:

    Reg treated me like an old friend from the first moment. He even got me a room in the Bastogne square when my previous arrangements fell through. Reg was always organized and followed the timeline in history so I could paint the picture in my mind. He’s obviously done his research and has information I didn’t even know existed. To be able to walk in the footsteps of my grandfather was priceless! And without Reg’s expertise, I would have lost on so much of the details and locations. My only regret, not being able to spend more days with him! I’ll be forever grateful and hope I get the opportunity to visit with Reg again. Chris Langlois, a grandson of medic Eugene Roe, “Band of Brothers”

  • Tom Grace:

    Hi Reg

    You gave me and my friends the Band of Brothers Tour this weekend, it was brilliant and we all enjoyed it immensely. We also got to meet some Veterans whilst they were being honored which was just fantastic.

    I just wanted to thank you so much for making the whole experience so enjoyable!

  • B. Lockhart:

    Looks Great Reg!

    Keep up the good work.


  • Andrew Van Der Plaats:


    Thanks for all your hard work as well as for helping to
    keep the history of those who fought, especially during
    the battle for Bastogne alive.

  • Neil harrod:

    Just finished a band of brothers tour really enjoyed the tour learnt a lot I never knew would highly recommend Reg to anyone looking to do a battle of the bulge tour also as someone with health issues Reg tailored the tour to my needs which made the tour so much more enjoyable.

  • Rob Chiarello:

    Great website Reg! Thank you for spending two days with Judy and me and teaching us so much. You are a tremendous guide and a great guy. The man, the myth, the LEGEND Reg Jans!!!!

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