Battle of the Bulge
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Northern Shoulder Tour

Northern Shoulder Tour

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This tour runs from 9 AM until 5:30 PM


The Northern part of the Bulge has always fascinated me as it was where the Von Rundstedt  Offensive started in the early hours on 16 December 1944 .

‘While the Allies bludgeoned their way into the border marches of the Reich, Hitler carefully husbanded Germany’s last reserves of tanks and infantry for a desperate attempt to reverse the situation in the west. On 16 December powerful German forces struck the lightly held sector of the First Army front south of Monschau in the Ardennes. German armored spearheads drove toward the Mouse River, aiming at Antwerp. Aided by bad weather, a variety of deceptive measures, and the failure of Allied intelligence correctly to interpret the signs of an                                                            impending attack, they achieved complete surprise.’

This Northern Shoulder Tour brings you to where it all started over six decades ago. It brings you to many battlefields and historical places and it gives you a general  overview on the Battle of the Bulge.


Sample Itinerary

The tour starts at the Losheim Gap in Losheimergraben, across the German border on the Siegfried Line. We are near the Schnee Eiffel area and we visit the place where the 277 Volksgrenadiers Division attacked into the 99 Infantry Division’s Line of Defense. The 99th Division, the ‘Battle Babies’, was placed in this defensive sector to acquire some experience.

Lanzerath : The I&R Platoon of the 394th Reg of the 99 Infantry Division, under the command of Lt Lyle Bouck, holds off several massive attacks by the Germans paratroopers.

Elsenborn Ridge : The Twin Villages  Krinkelt and  Rocherath. Only a short distance to the south of Hofen the lines of the 99th entered this forest, continuing to run through a long timber belt until the boundary between the V an V11 Corps was reached at the Losheim Gap. The danger zone would be the Twin Villages of Krinkelt Rocherath. Roads from the east led into Krinkelt and Rocherath. The Twin Villages had to be held if the 2nd Infantry Division was to Reach the Elsenborn position intact and with its heavy weapons and vehicles.(A visit to the Elsenborn Museum is possible on request).

We stop in Wirtzfeld at the 2nd Infantry Division CP .

Malmédy : Malmedy Massacre site in Baugnez

La Gleize :  We visit the wonderful Museum  and see the only King Tiger tank on display in Belgium.

Grandmenil : We go to the location where Corporal Richard Wiegand of the 289th Reg , 75th Inf Div, The Diaper Division, stopped a German advance to the west .

Baraque de Fraiture :  Parker’s Crossroads