Battle of the Bulge
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Joachim Peiper’s Route

Joachim Peiper’s Route

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This tour runs from 9 Am until 5:30 PM

A key role in ‘Operation Herbstnebel’ was devoted to the 6th Panzer Army under the command of Joseph ‘Sepp’ Dietrich.


He would have to pierce the American lines betweenAachen and the Schnee Eiffel  and seize bridges on the Meuse on both sides of Liège. Within the 6th Panzer Army a mobile striking role was assigned to the 1st  Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler under the command of SS-Oberführer Wilhelm Mohnke. The division was split into four Kampfgruppen with a 29 years old SS-Obersturmbannführer Joachim ‘Jochen’ Peiper commanding the most substantial which included all the armored sections of the division,to spearhead the attack. His duty was to break through the U.S. lines along Rollbahn B through Spa, Belgium and to take bridges on the Meuse between Liège and Huy.

Joachim Peiper

On this tour we follow the movements of the 1st SS Kampfgruppe Peiper from Losheim to Stoumont Station !


Sample Itinerary

Lt Lyle Bouck


We start our tour in the village of Losheim, Germany, right across the Belgian border and we drive to Lanzerath to see where 1st Lt. Lyle Bouck and his I&R platoon of the 394th Reg. 99 Inf. Div. held off a Battalion of German Paratroopers. We continue our way to Büllingen and drive through Buchholz and Honsfeld, where nineteen American POW’s were brutally murdered.

From Büllingen it goes to Moderscheid and Schoppen. From here we continue towards Thirimont where Peiper decided to take a little detour because of  the bad road conditions and engaged with B Battery of the 285th FAOB in Baugnez, Malmédy.

We visit the site of the Malmédy Massacre. ( A visit to the Baugnez museum is also possible )

Ligneuville. Hotel du Moulin. Another eight US POW’s were executed  but the innkeeper  Mr Rupp saved the lives of many others…..

On to the city of Stavelot. We stop in Vau Richard and at the 291 Engineer Combat Bn roadblock known as ‘La Corniche’. From Stavelot we drive to Trois Ponts, (Three Bridges)


Tiger II

La Gleize We see the German ‘King Tiger’ tank or Tiger II. (A visit  to the museum is possible )

From La Gleize we drive to Cheneux where Kampfgruppe Peiper engaged with the 504th PIR of the 82nd Airborne Division in the Bloody Bajonet Charge and go into the bunker where Jochen Peiper and Knittel, his recon officer, took shelter because of the allied air strafings.

We leave Cheneux and continue to Rahier , Ravescheid and the Neufmoulin Bridge where Peiper was stopped by the 291 ECB and the 30th Inf. Div.We drive back to La Gleize  and stop at the Sanatorium in Targnon.


The tour ends at Stoumont Station, where Peiper’s Kampfgruppe was finally halted!


Joachim Peiper managed to lead a group of 800 men out of Stoumont on foot and they made it back to Germany.

Stoumont Station


Walt Hughes 504 PIR Cheneux