Battle of the Bulge
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Nuts Cave

Nuts Cave

Visit  the exact location where Brigadier General Anthony C. McAuliffe, Commander of the encircled troops in Bastogne, replied NUTS!’ to the German demand to surrender!!!!!

Learn more about the BARRACKS and NUTS ! 

 101st Airborne Divisional Head Quarters


To the German Commander , NUTS! , The American Commander


A visit to this Historical Marker is a MUST! Standing in Gen. McAuliffe’s Office, the communications room, the veterans room and seeing all the original WWII vehicles on display will make your trip to Bastogne even more special.










How to visit

Brig. Gen. McAuliffe and Gen. Patton

Individually : 

Park outside and report to the guard.Wait there for the next tour.

Open from Tuesday until Sunday! 


From 1 October until 31 March : 14h00

From 1 April until 30 September: 10h00 and 14h00

Guided tour : +- 1H45 min.                            Closed on Monday!

 Reservations :

Tour Companies and large groups (over 20 people)                                         need to make a reservation!

If you wish to take a guided tour different from the regular hours, please make a reservation !


Make a reservation :  e-mail  or by  telephone 0032 (0) 61 24 21 24


Caserne Heintz , Belgian Military Museum, MRA.

Rue de La Roche 40 , 6600 Bastogne, Belgium