Battle of the Bulge
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Visiting the European WWII battlefields is a wonderful experience !

Windmill Eerde/Veghel the Netherlands


The D-Day  beaches  in Normandy, Hell’s Highway in the Netherlands, 101st Airborne  sites in England, the Battle of the Bulge, ….. the scars of history are still there today.

The past 15 years I have taken many tours in France and The Netherlands. Every time I had a very knowledgeable guide to bring me to the exact locations, a guide who could share stories and details with me, the stuff you don’t find in any books ….

If you wish to tour other battlefields in Europe I can highly recommend the best guides available . These people are so much more than ‘just’ guides .They all share the same passion and they have a common goal :

To preserve history !

Reg Jans