Battle of the Bulge
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Henri Mignon

Siegfried Line

(From Monschau to Echternach – Bastogne – Houffalize )

For tours of the Siegfried Line I strongly recommend my colleague

Henri Mignon

Henri Mignon

Henri resides in Bastogne and he was 8 years old during the Battle of the Bulge ! He clearly remembers many details. Henri is a retired Artillery Officer and has studied Tactics and Military History at the Military Academy in Brussels and has been escorting WWII Veterans back to their battlefield since 1965.

Henri is a ‘top notch’ guy and a very knowledgeable guide . A true expert! Mr. Mignon guides tours along the Siegfried Line from Monschau to Echternach and Bastogne.

Henri guides tours in French, English and Dutch

When I’m not available to tour Bastogne myself, I advise you to contact Henri!

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