Battle of the Bulge
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Special Thanks

Special Thanks

It’s a long way to become a good and knowledgeable battlefield guide. It needs passion, a heart for history! It takes many  years of studying, researching and exploring the battlefields, gathering information and building up a network with people you can trust and work with.

All of this is not enough. One needs people to support you, trust you  and help you to get better every day.

I have been very lucky to have so many people,  family , colleagues,  friends  and historians who have supported me over the past 10 years. Hereby I would like to express my gratitude to all of you special people who contributed to make it possible for me to become a battlefield guide.



Special thanks go to :

My beloved wife and sons, for their support and tolerance. I love you.

My grandpa : WWII veteran. I miss you.

My father, my  mother, my brother and my grandmother.

My great grandfather : POW WWI

Also very special thanks go  to :

The city of Bastogne, Mr. André Meurisse , Robert Clam , Marion Chard , Ken McAuliffe ,  Helen Patton , Paul and Myriam Woodadge , Erwin Janssen , Joel Robert , Eric Lemoine , Michel Marécaux , Betty Taylor Hill 502 PIR , Filip Willems , Jake Powers , Gordon Blithe 506 PIR , Babe Heffron  506 PIR,  Richard Riley , Susan Finn , Trisha Zavrel , Mark Bando , Linda Cautaert , Ray and Cristy Pfeiffer ,Brian Makos from Valor Studios , Dalton Einhorn , Red Falvey 506 PIR , Donald Burgett 506 PIR, Reneé Burgett , James V Morgia 84th Inf Div., John Sherman 327 GIR  , Brian Kruse , Doug Wilber 326 AEB  , Rodney Roycroft and ADT , Ray & Helen Nagell 321 GFAB , Brandon McMorries , Kevin Distel , Stan Ortman , Ann McKendry , Martin Morgan, Forrest Guth 506 PIR, Larry Alexander , Erwin Geebelen , Raphael Giot , Robert Remacle , Lysiane Thonus , Emile Lacroix , Boy Eysbroek,Kathy Bindon,Laurent Olivier , Gregory De Kock , Bob Konings , Amos  Almeida 502 PIR, Xander Almeida , Joey Almeida, Albert Almeida , Paul Adamic ,Kevin Brooks , Mack Purifoy , Donald Van den Bogert , Tom Peeters , Frank Vanstreels , Bill Guarnere 506 PIR , Bobby Hunter 501 PIR, Jurgen Swinkels , Chris Langlois , Walter Hughes 504 PIR , Johnny Bona, Don Hunter 110 AAA , John McAuliffe 87th Inf Div . , Mr Grégoire La Gleize , Mathieu Steffens, Michel Detrez, Chad Weisensel , Mrs Frey 501 PIR, Petra and Leoni Wenstedt, Joe Bossi , John Primerano 501 PIR , Guido Raymaekers , Mark Easton, Doug Barber, Jennifer Bassarearer , John Bassarearer 285 FOAB ,Tom Timmermans , Mr d’Hoffschmidt  , Henri Mignon , Allan Howerton 84th Inf Div , Bruce Hoyt Moore, Hank Skowronski 326 Med Bn ,Vincent Speranza 501 PIR ,Warren Wilt 508 PIR , Herman Zerger 36th Inf Div, …..and all the people who toured the battlefields with me in the past.

And EVERYONE   I forgot to mention in this post !!!!!!