Battle of the Bulge
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Specialist Tour

Specialist Tour

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Highly recommended to historians, researchers, authors, investigators, die hard buffs ….

This tour runs from 9AM until 5PM

Do I have to be a WWII specialist for taking this tour ?

Yes, you do!  

Just being an enthusiast isn’t enough! If you have frequently visited the Bulge battlefields…if you’re interested in the minute details… if your knowledge about Bastogne is beyond average…if you wish to do some research and go through maps and reports while crawling through the hedges, cow pies and pastures, then you should take the Specialist Tour of Bastogne.

The Specialist Tour is different from all other tours. Here we will focus on just a few locations and battles. We will discuss facts and fakes, investigate, and  walk every step, collecting as many pieces of the giant puzzle as possible, and put them all back together again.