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Over the past 10 years I have been honored to work with many great guides and historians in this business.  When anyone asks me what makes a good tour guide, the first thing I tell them is passion for what they are talking about.  Many people think that knowledge is the most important thing.  While knowing your subject is very important, I believe that if you love what you do people can feel that when your talking to them.   I have toured with some guides who know nearly everything about World War Two but they have lost the passion for the subject and it feels as if they look at it as a job.
Reg Jans, without a doubt is the best  battlefield guide in Belgium and you will get an experience you will not forget.  The combination of knowledge, passion for the history and the love for the men and women who sacrificed so much in the winter of 1944-1945 puts him at the top of the list.  Reg not only provides you with info about the big engagements, you will also hear about little lesser known stories that very few people have heard, this is possible because of the wonderful relationship Reg has with the men and women who sacrificed so much during
I can’t speak highly enough of the experience you will have with Reg, talk to him for 5 minutes and you will know exactly what I mean. 
If you are ever looking to get the authentic experience of what happened in the Ardennes you can’t go wrong with Reg Jans.

Chad Weisensel
V.P of Sales and Marketing/ Tour Guide
Band of Brothers Tours



Hey TC here I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the tour with you this past month and the many 101st Airborne sites we visited . Your knowledge of the battlefield is unsurpassed and you took us to so many places..with great personal stories and photo …. Then & Now. I can’t wait to return and take another tour with you . One does not realize who big the battlefield is and want to see more. To all who might want to come see where this famous battlefield took place I can highly recommend Reg Jans and his marvelous tour.
What a remarkable journey you took our group on Reg….a real heart felt tribute to the men who fought here ….. I was touch to just stand in these locations where my fellow countrymen fought years ago..many I have knew but have now passed on into history. What a great way to honor the memory of these men who fought in such harsh conditions. Thank you Reg for a great day of touring .

Thomas S Colones
Spartanburg, South Carolina USA!


I had the absolute pleasure of touring the Bastogne and surrounding Ardennes areas with Reg recently.  Unfortunately for me, I only had one day; however, Reg was able to schedule a full day of sights and activities.  Reg was able to use his intimate knowledge of the area to squeeze as much out of our day as possible.  To say that Reg is passionate about the sights and the stories of the veterans is a huge understatement.  It is that passion that you will see come shining through in the discussions.  It is also this passion that makes history truly come alive.  It was remarkable to see and experience the places I have only read about in person and understand and be able to tie it all together.  Along with knowledge of the actual sights, Reg relates many, many stories from veterans and about veterans, it allows you to get a true personal sense of what went on during the time.

One of my favorite things about spending time with Reg was his use of the “then and now” concept.  While standing at a particular location, Reg will tell the details of what occurred there and then be able to show a picture of how that location looked back during WWII.  Some of the locations were fantastic to see in that way.

Overall, when Reg says that he is not a guide and that he offers experiences, I do not think that there is a better way to say it.  I would HIGHLY recommend Reg when you are in the Bastogne / Ardennes area to show you the experience of a lifetime.

Sean Lockhead

Philadelphia, PA, USA


Reg my wife and myself will never forget the memorable tour that you took us on. It will a lifelong memory for the both of us.

If you are looking for a tour of Bastogne you must book with Reg. He gives real life accounts that bring the experience to life. His passion is what sets his tours apart from the others. Truly an unforgettable and memorable experience.

New Jersey


My two sons (10 and 8 years old) did a private tour with Reg, of the battle sites in and around Bastogne. Both of my sons (especially my eldest – Harry) have strong interest in American military history and talked to Reg constantly throughout the trip. Reg seemed genuinely interested in talking to and showing them all of the sites of interest – especially that of Easy Company of the Band of Brothers fame. The highlight for both my sons were to stand in the fox holes, visit Foy and stand on top of a Tiger Tank. My sons and I travel from CA each year on Presidents Day weekend to visit a site of American historical significance and our trip to Bastogne (and taking Reg’s tour) has been the best of the five of them that we have done so far.


Gordon Loudon


In Bastogne, I toured with Reg Jans. And although he does not work formally for Battlebus, I would not hesitate to suggest that people who are seeking Battle of the Bulge tours use him. Reg was a delightful, knowledgeable, and friendly guy who absolutely tailored my two days to my interests. We found some amazing locations, and it was such a thrill to delve into more depth with a guy who has read very extensively on the history of this area during 1944/45. You are wise to recommend him. Thank you, again, for a great and very educational touring experience. Who knows, maybe I’ll see you again soon.

With all best wishes,

Ryan Lesh, Red Hook, NY



I have to give Kudos to Reg Jans in Bastogne, his tour there was top of the line as well, we wished we had another day to spend with Reg to see all the sites and hear all the stories. The personal accounts all these guys shared from the vets really added something special to the tours-the things you can’t get from a book or T.V. Thanks for everything guys!

Mike U.S.A.


I had the wonderful experience of having toured with Reg Jans in Bastogne. After having been on a few tours in Europe, Reg is the best. Even if you consider yourself experienced in WWII history and the battle of Bastogne, he will show you areas and provide insight that most will never know. He has a true passion for never forgetting what the men did to liberate Europe and is not interested in profiting from the men, like so many do. Highly recommend.

D. Alfonso – Florida, U.S.A.


I can only echo the words and recommend Reg as THE BEST TOURGUIDE for Bastogne.

We’re friends since 2004 and we hooked up many times together…Reg has a great historical knowledge and the personal stories veterans shared with him are the icing on the cake.

Further, Reg is just fun to be with and I could listen to his stories for hours.

Linda Cautaert, Belgium


I am a high school social studies teacher who recently took 33 students to Europe to learn more about World War I and II. We toured many different sites and found Reg to be the best.

Reg relayed personal stories as told to him by people that served at Bastogne. This helps recreate history into a living relationship that is easily understood. He explanations during his tours are personal and reflected his desire to educate all of us about this major World War II battle.

If you want the best, tour Bastogne with Reg.

Mike USA



I had the pleasure to tour through the Bastogne area with Reg for a couple of times. It’s amazing how well he knows every spot and story.

Last year we went to Bastogne for a tour and I took 4 friends with me. They had an excellent day and even now we are still talking about it.

Thanks for the perfect information and your kindness Reg.

Frank, Netherlands



This was without a doubt the best tour I’ve ever been on. Obviously Reg knew an enormous amount and gave a great tour from that perspective, but the best parts were his photo collections and personal stories from vets. Each story is told with such enthusiasm it is like he is telling it for the first time. It’s also evident that he genuinely loves doing this and has the utmost respect for the veterans.

If you are thinking of a tour, don’t go with anyone else. You will have the greatest experience with Reg Jans.

Ryan Werner , USA


My husband and I just returned from a week in Luxembourg with a side trip to Bastogne. We spent a wonderful day with Reg Jans, touring the Bastogne battlefields. My dad was a Quartermaster officer with the 101st so I’d always wanted to go. But I’d never dreamed that it could be as interesting as this. If you really want to re-live the battle of Bastogne, this is the way to do it. My husband loved it – actually going into foxholes, standing on the same ground where the battle took place. Reg really makes it come alive. The day was almost too short! You will love this. We had already been to Normandy and enjoyed a Battlebus tour but this was even better!

Lucy and Mims



Just to add to what Lucy said in the previous entry, despite the perfect weather last week on the tour, if any visitors want to see the area in a very realistic setting, go there in very cold, cloudy/foggy weather!

Under a blue, sunny sky, surviving Mauser bullets and 88 millimeter shell explosions above them in trees would be bad enough, but much of the problem for our young men who fought and died over there was the harsh, bitter weather.

One of their commanders told them to leave their coats in a heap on the ground, on their way into town!

They followed this naive “clown’s” advice and being unable to go back to find them, they suffered so much more because of this, and some probably died of this, instead of from combat wounds.

Reg’s first-hand descriptions from actual veterans’ experiences could not be better. He knows how to apply his info in a manner which gives some combat “situational awareness” to those with no airborne infantry or armor etc experience.

His English fluency makes you believe that he lived in the US for a while.




Hi Reg,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the wonderful tour of Bastogne. You gave me a gift that day by telling me about some of the events and experiences that American soldiers like my dad lived through. As I had mentioned, my dad did not talk much about the war, so hearing from you was extremely informative. You provided a snapshot of a defining moment in my father’s life. For that I will remain eternally grateful.


Karen Cotter, proud daughter of George Ricker 501 PIR .



We had a tour with Reg Jans at Bastogne and had a great day! We recommend him enthusiastically!

Reg gave us a lot more than a tour of the area. He helped us gain an appreciation of the bravery and commitment of the soldiers fighting this battle and the debt of gratitude we owe to these soldiers. Reg is well prepared, enthusiastic and passionate about history. He has an amazing knowledge of not just the battle but in many cases has a personal relationship with many of the people who fought and lived through the war. He gave us many great stories about the soldiers which allowed us to feel we knew them a little. He also gave us an appreciation of what the local people had to endure and the kindness and bravery shown by these people. We especially appreciated the pictures that Reg showed us from the war. We were pleasantly surprised that many were taken right where we were standing.

We spent a full day with Reg and easily could have spent another full day. If you want to learn about not only the battle but really about the admirable people who fought for our freedom schedule a tour with Reg. You’ll learn a lot and have a lot of fun too.

O’Malley , USA



Reg Jans was recommended by the battlebus team to take us on a two day tour of Bastogne in Belgium.

Reg is an invaluable extension of your operations in France to Belgium – PS – “Paul you need to buy him a big maroon bus of he’s own soon:)”

We walked history in woods with Reg – we felt like members of the 506 PIR taking up positions in the woods of Bastogne – without the snow and cold.

Being a Belgian himself Reg conveyed the story of the Belgian people together with the Allies like a true hero.

God Bless

Philip and Marina Potgieter – Walvis bay – Namibia



My wife and I just returned home after enjoying a 2-day car tour with Reg Jans. We did one day around Bastogne and another following Peiper’s advance from the border to where he was stopped. While Reg claims to be an expert only in the area around Bastogne, he did an equally great job covering Peiper’s route. Reg had an obvious enthusiasm for his work that resulted in everyone having an enjoyable as well as informative time while learning about an important time in our history. We even got to meet Mr. Gerard Gregoire at his marvelous museum in La Gleize.

Jim and Pat Silva , San Diego , CA .



On the 26th January, I had a tour around Bastogne with Reg Jans. It was without a doubt one of the most interesting and enjoyable days I have had in a very, very long time. The amount of information, small facts and hidden details that I found out was just remarkable, and there is no way I would of ever found out half of it! Very friendly, chatty and helpful which made the day even better. Thank you!

If you go to Bastogne – email Reg!

All the best to you guys,

Stewart Marchington , England , UK .



Hey Reg….

Just wanted to let you know your tour was excellent! Even though my pea brain will only remember a fraction of all your information, seeing the lay of the land, hearing your stories and being in the trenches was awesome and sobering! We kidded you about your obsession with the history…BUT!…your passion is your strong don’t let up!

Take care,




Spending time on a tour with Reg Jans is an experience that will delight anyone from the newcomer to the history of the Battle of the Bulge to the person who knows the history intimately. I had the chance to spend time with Reg and one of the veterans of the Battle of the Bulge and even the veteran was amazed by how much Reg knows. When you spend time with Reg, you are in the presence of someone who has a fervent passion for the subject and a true reverence for the men and events. He spent a lot of time walking the battlefields with veterans of all units, and has unique insights from the soldiers who fought in the key battles throughout the area. He is extremely personable and you feel that this is a person whom you will want to know for the rest of your life even after one day together. He has an encyclopedic knowledge but he always wants to know more. He tells the details in a gripping fashion and he is impeccably honest — there is no exaggeration, no speculation. Just the details that he has learned from his painstaking efforts. Reg is truly a treasure, as thousands of people who already know him, will attest.

Dalton Einhorn

Author, “From Toccoa to the Eagle’s Nest: Discoveries in the Bootsteps of the Band of Brothers”



I took a personal tour with  Reg Jans. Fantastic day!! The guy has escorted visiting veterans who gave their personal stories which he related giving new insight and fresh views of the battlefields and story. I highly recommend him and Battle Bus for their expertise and friendliness. Definitely the best tours I have ever taken. I also took the Normandy tour 5 years ago and it was exciting to stand in places I read about or saw in movies and on TV. Awesome experience!

Jerry Bortz , Finland .



Reg is simply the best. His knowledge of the area, the people and the stories relayed by veterans are simply irreplaceable.

We emailed several times and became almost email “friends”. The tour certainly solidified that. he made the day special by taking me to a restricted area that only his contacts can get. I can’t say where since I am not sure if it is standard or not, but it was unforgettable!

The weather was rainy, windy and cold, but the tour guide made it all not relevant! Way to go Reg and THANK YOU! GREAT TOUR.




I’ve toured with Battlebus in Normandy three separate times from 2003 to 2009. They are very, very good. Rich detail, intimate knowledge, genuine passion.

So they are a tough act to follow. I needed a guide for Bastogne and the Ardennes, last month. We got in touch with Reg Jans, who is a friend and associate of Paul and Battlebus.

Reg steps up to the Battlebus level of passion and rich, intimate detail. He tailored a tour especially for my interests, and accommodated a special request that took us 20 kilometers off Reg’s usual beat.

He has lots of veterans’ stories and is not shy about sharing his opinion. The special thing about him is that he paces the tour very well. Not too hectic, frequent stops with stories and commentary, and certainly he gets your boots on the ground.

He is also very well-read, and has what must be thousands of pictures, especially the then and now type. He will take you to a spot, hold up a 1944 photo, and suddenly you realize you are right there.

I’ve probably given too much away, need to stop gushing. He did have a fantastic surprise visit that capped my Bastogne itinerary with a jewel. But you have to be a good boy or girl first… .

Great experience, great guide, and he made us forget that we were actually stranded in Europe by the Iceland volcano!

Tonet , The Philippines


Reg Jans brings history to life! His passion, knowledge, and professionalism are beyond reproach. From our initial contact through completion of the tour, Reg’s efforts were unsurpassed. His combination of local knowledge, use of “then and now” photos, battle history knowledge based on research and personal interviews with former battle participants simply made this the best historical tour that we have ever had the pleasure to participate. We very much look forward to our next visit to the area for our “Reg Jans Tour” of the Northern Ardennes. Reg is simply the best of the best!

Les Stahl, USA . Retired US Army .


We are in Munich this morning and headed to the Eagle’s Nest Tour this afternoon! This has been a trip of a lifetime for us and you were certainly a big part of making it all special. Thank you for the resources! We will be sure to check them out once home and revived a bit. You gave us a great tour and we all thank you!


Anne Somers



We were looking for a tour guide for the Bastogne, Belgium area. We wanted to concentrate on the activities or the 101st Airborne in and around Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge (Ardennes). The weather was very cold for the season (low 40’s) and very windy. It did not matter.

Mr. Jans’ dedication, knowledge, use of now and then photographs and his enthusiasm made this tour the highlight of our trip. His admiration and respect for the men that took part in this battle is evident. He has connections with local Belgium Army staff and we were fortunate to benefit from those ties. Having accompanied veterans on tours, like the Battlebus staff, he can recount many personal stories told by veterans of the battle. He has a very nice collection of photographs and historical documents, some of them provided by veterans, that he used to bring to life the events of the battle. His detailed reconstruction of the actions in the battle provides insight into what took place that no history book or television series can ever hope to deliver.

Mr. Jans emails his clients promptly with answers to questions before touring and his post tour follow up is excellent. The same evening that we completed our tour, he emailed a list of recommended reading and a list of the sites visited that day. Reg gave us a day that will be remembered and appreciated for a lifetime.



I took a two days tour with Reg Jans 24-25/4 in and around Bastogne.

His big knowledge and passion for the history makes his tours really good.

And all his stories that you cannot read about in books and all his photos, especially then and now.

I can highly recommend all to go on a tour with Reg Jans.

Best regards and have a great summer.

Per Olsson



Reg is incredible!!!!! We spent 2 days with him touring the Bastogne portion of the Battle of the Bulge. I will be contacting him very soon for a few follow up tours for the Northern Shoulder and the other out laying areas. Very good people skills and superior knowledge of the area and the battle makes him a NUMBER 1 choice for follow on visits. We all enjoyed our time with Reg so much that is was more like spending time with a friend than being on a tour!!!!

I HIGHLY recommend Reg as a Tour Guide to ANYONE that wants to see the real areas of the battles and see some now and then photos and the real place it was taken. Standing on the ground looking at where the picture was taken gives you a “TRUE SENSE” of what it was like. We will never know the sacrifice those men made for the world, we can never stand in their shoes, but we can in their foot prints and always remember what they did for us all.

Matt Nethercutt , USA



Mr. Reg Jans,

It was my pleasure to have you as a tour guide!  You were outstanding in

your presentation!  Your maps, knowledge of the battles (regiments,

divisions, companies, local citizens, etc.), history, civilian perspective,

and how you tied the events of the World War I and World War II with the

modern era were incredible!!


Your years of research just made the tour unforgettable.  I was left

wanting to hear more and more about this epic tale of World War II.  I don’t

think one man could possibly ever tell the story of all that went on during

those times, and yet you have made every effort to see that all aspects of

the accounts of people that witnessed those horrific events have been told

during your tour.  You are a scholar among scholars on your local area’s

history.  You’re a credit to your profession, simply magnificent!


I will contact you when I return in December if only to meet with you and

enjoy the reenactment of the Battle of the Bulge.  It would be an honor for

me to sit down with you and buy you a hot meal.


Until December, Sir,



MSgt Derek Allen


Acting COD Superintendent

NCOIC, Current Operations