Battle of the Bulge
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 In 2014 Reg worked with Mark A. Keefe on a TV series for the OUTDOOR CHANNEL.

Being a Historical Advisor for the show, he appeared on screen with fellow historian Martin K.A. Morgan. In two episodes of AMERICAN RIFLEMAN: ‘Guns of the Battle of the Bulge’Reg covered the German Breakthrough and the American Defenses during the first days of the Ardennes Offensive . Broadcast on prime-time US TV, the popular show has since been repeated in 2015.

In 2012 Reg also served as an Historical Advisor for a documentary focusing on WWII Veteran Russell Taylor (1st ESB) and his French wife Odile.

The programme was produced and directed by Mr. Benjamin PATTON, grandson of the late General. For this project, Jans worked closely with Olympic Freestyle Skier and former Professional Football player (Philadelphia Eagles/Pittsburgh Steelers) Mr. Jeremy BLOOM and his team. Wrongly captioned as a Normandy Guide and appearing on screen as a ‘talking head’ Reg explained the history of Russell’s unit from D+2 until he took a job at SHAEF in Paris, where Russ fell in love with the gorgeous Odile.

So far, Reg has a few more TV projects in the pipeline and will keep his website visitors updated. Click HERE!