Battle of the Bulge
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Two-Day/Three-Day Tour

Northern Shoulder Two-Day / Three-Day Tour

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These tours run from 9 AM until 5:30 PM


Two-Day Tour

It is possible to combine the Joachim Peiper’s Route Tour and the Northern Shoulder Tour into a Two-Day Northern Shoulder Tour.

On a Two-Day Tour you also have the opportunity to tailor your own itinerary. This way you can go to other battlefields and areas that seemed to be forgotten or that are not in any of the other tours I offer .

Sample Itinerary

Beho, Gouvy, where Captain James V  Morgia was leading  Easy Company of the 334th Regiment of the 84th Infantry Division attacking across an open field towards a German artillery position  at the ‘Mansion Neuve ‘.

82nd Airborne Division Lines at Thier du Mont, Salmchateau, Manhay.

General Gavin’s Command Post in Bra.

The attack of La Roumière Hill by the 290th Regiment  of the 75th Infantry Division and the 517th PCT  to clear the way for Task Force Hogan, 2nd Armored Division near Hotton.

The American Cemetery in Henri-Chapelle and

The Remember Museum



Three-Day Tour

A Northern Shoulder Three-Day Tour combines the Joachim Peiper’s Route Tour, The Northern Shoulder Tour and the locations mentioned above!