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Valour Tour 

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This Tour runs from 9 AM until 5:15 PM

The Valour Tour takes you on a historical journey to the battling flanks of the 101 Airborne Division in Bastogne. Mainly focusing on the soldiers, it leads you to places that are off the beaten path, sites where major battles were fought during the push-back attacks performed by General Patton’s Third Army after they relieved the pressure on Bastogne. Stand where they fought and walk the steps of the Medal of Honor Recepients who earned their award because of their acts of exceptional valour.  


Your tour starts next to the “BARRACUDA” tank on Place McAuliffe where after a short presentation on the Battle for Bastogne I will share the history of the Sherman, its crew from the 11th Armored Division and other points of interest around the Square before boarding the “Battlemobile” for a comfortable ride to the battlefields…

AssenoisWe visit the site where Combat Command “R” from Patton’s 4th Armored Division (under command of Creighton Abrams) broke through the encirclement on 26 December 1944. The story of Second Lieutenant Duane J Webster and how Private James Richard Hendrix from Lepanto, Arkansas, earned his MOH.

Houmonton the way we will see dropzone where the pathfinders landed on 23 December 1944, plus the farm at Isle-le-Pré and castle at Isle-la-Hesse where General Maxwell Taylor (CO of the 101st ABN) established his Divisional HQ after taking over command from General Anthony McAuliffe. While in Houmont you will see the chapel/grotto where the now famous photo showing Corporal Charles McNulty (194 GIR, 17th Airborne Division) was taken as he prayed for salvation on 8 January 1945. We will also be visiting the memorial site of the ‘Golden Talon’ Division and the church with its impressive stained glass window where I will explain the role of the 17th Airborne Division during the German offensive.

Renuamont - here you will be able to see the exact spot where the “BARRACUDA” was knocked out on 30 December 1944.

Tilletwe make a short stop at the church to view the plaque for the 87th Infantry ‘ Acorn’ Division before moving south-east to the edge of the town to stand where Staff Sergeant Curtis F Shoup from Napenoch, NY won his MOH.

Curtis Shoup

Curtis Shoup


Crossroad X-at Barrière Hinck, Sainte Ode (also known as Crossroad X) we walk the site of the former 326 Medical Batallion (101 Abn) Field Hospital overrun by the 116th Heavy Panzer Group during the afternoon of 19 December 1944 – and hear the experiences of Richard O’Brian, Father Francis Sampson, Carmen Gisi and Hank Skowronski plus many more …

Flamiergewill always be embedded in the memories of the veterans from the 17th Airborne Division. In order to take the high ground, beginning on 3 January 1945, the “Golden Talons” fought a devastating 6 day battle against German armor and infantry which became known to all as Dead Man’s Ridge. Stand where Staff Sergeant Isadore S Jachman from Baltimore, Maryland, earned his MOH on 4 January 1945.

LUNCH: We will have a short lunch break, sandwich, coffee or soda, rest-rooms at McAuliffe’s Square in Bastogne or at the KNAUF Shopping Centre in Pommerloch.

Marvie(Optional) we will be focusing on 6th Amored Division and the story of Staff Sergeant Archer T Gammon from Roanoke, Virginia, who earned his MOH here on 11 January 1945.

Berléhere we have a rendez-vous with a veteran and we will talk about the Tough Hombres of the 90th Infantry Division who fought their way through this Belgian village.

Schumann’s Eck- at the town of Nothum situated in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg we visit Schumann’s Corner or Schumann’s Eck. Here in December 1944 the 28th ‘Bloody Bucket’ Division from Pennsylania made a galant stand to delay the German advance on Bastogne. During this heroic rear guard action, the 26th ‘Yankee’ Division supported by the 90th Division, fought probably the most bloodiest battle ever to take place on Luxembourgian soil. Here we visit the National Liberation Monument and hike through the woods to see German trenches and American foxholes and observe a moments silence at the site of a mass grave. 

Am AastertIn the tiny town of Dahl at Aastert, Luxembourg, Staff Sergeant Day Turner from the 80th ‘Blue Ridge’ Division respectfully earned his Medal of Honor after a 4 hour-fight (considered to be among the bravest single individual actions during the Battle of the Bulge) Turner helped his buddy Ike Refice, to evacuate PzGr. Horst Przybilski, saving the wounded German’s life.

Citation: He commanded a 9-man squad with the mission of holding a critical flank position. When overwhelming numbers of the enemy attacked under cover of withering artillery, mortar, and rocket fire, he withdrew his squad into a nearby house, determined to defend it to the last man. The enemy attacked again and again and were repulsed with heavy losses. Supported by direct tank fire, they finally gained entrance, but the intrepid sergeant refused to surrender although 5 of his men were wounded and 1 was killed. He boldly flung a can of flaming oil at the first wave of attackers, dispersing them, and fought doggedly from room to room, closing with the enemy in fierce hand-to-hand encounters. He hurled handgrenade for handgrenade, bayoneted 2 fanatical Germans who rushed a doorway he was defending and fought on with the enemy’s weapons when his own ammunition was expended. The savage fight raged for 4 hours, and finally, when only 3 men of the defending squad were left unwounded, the enemy surrendered. Twenty-five prisoners were taken, 11 enemy dead and a great number of wounded were counted. Sgt. Turner’s valiant stand will live on as a constant inspiration to his comrades. His heroic, inspiring leadership, his determination and courageous devotion to duty exemplify the highest tradition of the military service.

The Valour tour brings you to specific sites where many others never go. Don’t miss this opportunity to stand where these brave young men gave everything for freedom

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