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Nuts! In the past many different versions of this story were published in magazines and historical books. Often the details of the story differ. I was honored to provide the McAuliffe family with [...]

Henri Mignon

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Henri Mignon Bastogne - Siegfried Line - From Monchau to Echternach Henri resides in Bastogne and he was 8 years old during the Battle of the Bulge ! He clearly remembers many details. [...]

Roby Clam

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Roby Clam Bastogne - Wiltz - Harlange Pocket - Schumann's Eck Over  the past decades Roby has dedicated his life and work to history. I don’t only admire him [...]

How to book a tour

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How to book a tour Please book as early as you can, I anticipate that most tours will be booked up at least six or seven months in advance. A last minute booking very often results [...]

Frank Gubbels

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Frank Gubbels  Bastogne-Noorbeek (NL)- 30th Infantry Division-101 Airborne Division Inspired by Dr. Stephen Ambrose’s bestselling book and the successful HBO series Band of Brothers, many people travel the world following the footsteps of [...]


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