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Band of Brothers Tour

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This tour runs from 9:00 am till 5:15 pm



This tour follows a totally different itinerary to the American Highlight Tour. It visits the actual sites made famous in the HBO/BBC TV series Band of Brothers, from where the men detrucked and walked in on to the battles for Foy, Noville and Rachamps.

It really is imperative that you watch the TV series before booking the tour, and indeed many of my clients will be hardcore fans, having read many of the spin-off books by the veterans that have been published since the series aired. The tour follows the exploits of Easy Comp any of the 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne Divsion, together with other units that fought in similar engagements.

Please read these additional notes !


On this tour you will hear many personal stories as told to me by the veterans. I will also be mentioning other units who fought on these sites and I will inform you about other battles that were fought here.



We start the tour at the MARDASSON memorial where I’ll give a presentation about the Battle of the Bulge and the strategic importance of the city of Bastogne during that battle. I’ll explain the movements of Easy Company hereby using a very detailed map.

After the presentation we see the place where nurse RENEE LEMAIRE, depicted in the HBO series, was killed on 25 December 1944  while nursing soldiers from the 20th Armored Inf Battalion . Then we drive to the area between CHAMPS and MANDE SAINT ETIENNE where the troopers detrucked the night of 18 december and the  morning of 19 december 1944. We follow Easy Company’s way in and we stop at the Seminary School where the 101st ABN Div Hospital was located after the Field Hospital was overrun by the 116th Panzer Group. We continue our way towards LUZERY where Col. Robert Sink had set up the Reg. CP from 25  Dec ’44 till 9 Jan ’45.

Then we follow the back road leading into the rear of the JACK WOODS. I’ll tell you a little about the Route of the Medics. We will stop at the Easy Company Memorial in BIZORY, a location referred to by the US soldiers as HALT STATION. Here we talk about 1st platoon’s patrol and the ‘ 1000 yards ‘-advance .

We continue our way into the Jack Woods and visit Easy Company’s Z-shaped line of defense overlooking Foy and see the foxholes where the men suffered from the cold and the German shellings.

The attack on FOY will be discussed in all its details. The plan, the build up, what went wrong, the German defense, all the different units involved and personal accounts from the veterans will give you a good view on what really happened during that 18 hour battle.

Next we visit the woods south of Recogne where Easy spent five days in reserve. Here you will hear about the attacks through the FAZONE WOODS on 9-10 January 1945 and  HELLS NIGHT.

The trip goes on to COBRU and NOVILLE where we visit the ‘Low Shoulder’ as Major Winters described, where the men spent the night prior to the Regimental attack on NOVILLE.

Finally we end the tour in RACHAMPS where we’ll see the original memorial dedicated to Easy Company. This memorial and ‘Liberty Tree’ were put there by the children of the village in 2002 in the attendance of many Easy veterans. We visit the Catholic school where the men finally found some rest  before being transported to the Alsace.


Reg, first off, is a wonderful person.  He’s honest, caring, passionate and giving. These are crucial character traits for someone who helps preserve the honor and memory our  WWII vets.  Over the years I’ve known Reg, he’s shown to have a depth of knowledge about the Battle of Bulge that I’ve rarely seen with anyone else. He’s always been consistent about sharing the history and preserving the memory.  Giving.  At the last minute, I was without a tour or guide.  Reg stepped up and provided me with two days of touring and insight I’ll never forget. I’ll forever be grateful.  Reg is a pleasure to be around, another key if you’re going be spending days together.  If you’re going to visit the Bulge, you NEED Reg!

Chris Langlois,

a proud grandson of medic Eugene Roe, Easy Co/506th PIR, Band of Brothers.


Reg Jans provided our family with a ‘tour of a life time’ this past May. He helped us retrace my father’s footsteps throughout the Battle of the Bulge. In detail, he described battles, skirmishes, and the men who fought in them. From Command Posts to foxholes to farm buildings to churches to underground cellars, he knows where they all are. The Barracks tour was also fantastic! Nobody has more knowledge about what took place in Bastogne than Reg. He makes history come alive, and makes it a lot of fun to boot! A Big Thanks.

Robert Strayer and Family of Lt Col Robert Strayer, 2 Bn XO 506 PIR, 101st Airborne Division



My husband and I spent a couple of days in Belgium a few years ago and even though we had only previously connected on the Internet, Reg Jans of Battlefield Experience instantly became a lifelong friend when we finally met and toured with him. We toured with a group for one day and Reg also took us out on our own so we could have a more personal experience.  He personalized the tours for me to focus on my father’s time in the area around the Village of Foy during WWII and created some emotional and memorable experiences for me as we honored my father in several different locations and events. He really made it special for me.  Reg loves history and it shows in his presentations. You can’t help but get caught up in his enthusiasm as he shares historical perspective with then and now photographs and maps. He shares amusing anecdotes with historical fact and makes touring such an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  I can’t give enough praise for Reg for his professionalism, enthusiasm and knowledge of history, and I am honored to have become his friend. I happily encourage anyone interested in touring the Bastogne area to contact Battlefield Experience. 

Susan Smith, daughter of Burr Smith- Easy Company ,506 PIR, 101st Airborne Division