Frequently asked questions

Where are you based?

Bastogne Tour: I will pick you up at your Hotel or B&B if you are staying in Bastogne. If you aren’t staying in Bastogne  the tour will base out from the MARDASSON Memorial (Bastogne War Museum), one mile north from the town’s center. Free parking there. Follow the signs MARDASSON when you enter the city of Bastogne .

Peiper’s Route and Northern Shoulder  Depends on where you are staying at. A meeting point with a detailed map will be send to you after your reservation .

What days do you run tours?

I guide tours the whole year whenever I’m available.

When should I book?

As early as you can, I anticipate that most tours will be booked up at least 8 to 10 months in advance. It’s always possible that I’m not available or fully booked when you try to make a last minute reservation.

What vehicle do you use?

I use a black Ford Mondeo with 4 passenger seats, air-conditioned and good visibility. Some people call it Reg’s Battle Mobile. Great find

Where shall I stay?

For a Bastogne tour I advice to stay in Bastogne. There are some really good hotels and B&B’s. For other tours and Bastogne :  See my Hotels – B&B page .

What can’t you do?

I cannot pick you up in Brussels at the airport. I can not make hotel reservations for you nor can I plan your whole vacation. I’m am not a travel agent.

I don’t take kids under 12 years old, only if they are really WWII buffs. I don’t take pets on tour either . I will always be there for you to give you some advice and help you out and answer your questions .

How about lunch?  

Lunch will be only a sandwich or a small snack and a beverage. Lunch will be held in the city of Bastogne or in a nice place in the Ardennes. You can bring your own lunch but I don’t allow anyone to use food inside my Battle Mobile. Costs for Lunch are not included in the tour price.

Physical Requirements?

My tours involve lots of standing and walking, if it rains – we get wet and you will get muddy.  These are battlefield tours, not drive-by sightseeing tours. I take you through fields, into woods and sandy hills. If you have mobility issues please contact me for my recommendations.

Do I need to be a history buff to appreciate your tours?

In a word YES. It’s not that I am running an “elitist” business, but the fact is that the majority of my clients are well read about WWII, familiar with the movies and TV shows about the battle of the bulge and generally keen to get “up close and personal” to the historic sites they have read about.

Are the touring days hectic and fast paced?    

Yes and no, in order to see all the places I wish to show you a certain pace does need to be maintained and there is no spare time for multiple coffees, shopping detours and long 3 course lunches.  Lunches consist of sandwiches and snacks and there are typically 2 or 3 toilet/bathroom stops per day.  With this kind of schedule you will have time for full and detailed explanations at the sites I show you and time to ask questions and of course take photos.

How do you take payment?

I don’t take or need any deposits. Payment will be arranged in cash the day of the tour or via Pay Pal to two weeks prior to the tour. All payments will be accepted in Euros . I don’t accept other currencies . Lunch and entrance fees for museums are NOT included in the Tour price !!!!

Do you cancel tours?

A negative aspect of booking a tour with an individual rather than a large company is that there is always the possibility I may be ill on the day of the tour.  There’s not much I can do about this situation. I cannot tour if I am ill, and at busy times of year there is no guarantee at all I’ll be able to find you a replacement tour guide.

What should I wear?  

Please wear decent, waterproof shoes or walking boots !!!!!   Bring a warm waterproof jacket. From November till march please consider a scarf, hat and gloves because it can get pretty cold over here. If you really wish to feel what it was like in 1944 I advise to only wear a M43 jumpsuit ….

Do you guide all your tours personally?

 YES I DO  !

Who do you recommend when you are already fully booked on unable to help?

I also have another job so I can’t always guarantee that I will be available on the dates you propose. When I’m not available I suggest to contact my colleagues Roby Clam at  robclam@voo.beFrank Gubbels at   or Henri Mignon at All of them are excellent guides as well but have a different style than I have. Both Roby and Henri reside in Bastogne. Frank guides Bastogne, Roby guides Bastogne and the Harlange Pocket in Luxembourg. Henri guides Bastogne and is an expert in guiding tours at the Siegfried Line