Valor Tour

Walk the steps of Patton’s 3rd Army- Bastogne: the Battling Flanks and Medals of Honor

This tour runs from 9 am until 5:30 pm                Private Tour

After Patton’s 4th Armored Division relieved the pressure on the surrounded American soldiers in Bastogne the fiercest battles were about to erupt. Patton’s Divisions now had to push back the enemy forces and the race for Houffalize, rally-point for first and third armies, has begun. The Valor Tour takes you to the flanks of Bastogne, where Patton’s men fought until the bitter end. It brings you to locations that are not on any touristic map, Reg takes you where ordinary soldiers did extraordinary things.

Stand where history was made!

Sample Itinerary


The tour starts at McAuliffe’s Square where Reg will tell the story of the Sherman Tank ‘Barracuda’ and its crew.

The Turning Point

Patton’s break through at Assenois and the heroic actions of MOH recipient James Hendrix.


On December 23rd, two ticks of Pathfinders parachuted into Bastogne to set up the beacons to indicate the supply drop zones. We go where they landed. (Agnew-McNiece- Filthy 13)

101 Airborne Head Quarters

When General Maxwell Taylor arrived in Bastogne on 27 December 1944, he split up the Div HQ and moved it to Isle le Pré and Isle la Hesse.


Another POW Massacre


17th Airborne Memorial. The story of the 17th Airborne Division and the 11th Armored Division.


Field where the now famous Sherman Tank ‘Barracuda’ was knocked out. The detailed story !


87 Infantry Division ‘Golden Acorn’  soldier Curtis Shoup, a man who hated war, gave his life in Tillet. Medal of Honor.

Crossroad X

On 19 December 1944, the Field Hospital of the 326 Medical Bn was overrun by the German 116 Heavy Tank Group. The 401 GIR attack.  The story of Obie O’Brian.


The battle for Dead Man’s Ridge and how Isadore Jackman earned the Medal of Honor.


90th Infantry Division ‘Tough Hombres’ at Berlé, Luxembourg. Fighting with the 26 Infantry Division.

Schumann’s Eck

The bloodiest battle fought in Luxembourg by the 28, 26 and 90th Divisions! National Memorial, mass grave and trenches.

Am Aastert- Dahl, Luxembourg

The amazing story of Day Turner at the Leners house where he battled for four hours and helped to evacuate a wounded German soldier. Medal of Honor.