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The past few years Reg had the honor to work with some great professionals but he also likes to put up some of his own videos every once in a while. . ‘Always thankful to people such as Historian Martin K A Morgan, Mark A Keefe, Tim Gray for their patience and for giving me the opportunity to work on some WWII projects, and not to forget the wonderful people from Daphmedia and Alpventures Tours.’
Reg appeared on screen several times in WWII documentaries that were mainly broadcast on TV in the USA. In 2016 co-operation has been established between Battlefield Experience and Fox 2000 for an upcoming film project on Bastogne, where Reg will assist as a military adviser to the screen-play writers. Few more things in the pipeline for 2023. Please keep visiting this page for the latest updates!


Video’s courtesy of TV Lux

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Survivors of Malmedy: Winter 1944

     Spanish online TV.

American Rifleman

Patton Productions

The Bunker Boys Show

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Episode 2

D-Day Special

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Season 2 Episode 7


SAS (Stories and Stuff)

Guest appearance


Band of Brothers in Bastogne: From the Front to the set



20th Century Fox (Fox 2000) is developing the World War II action movie “Liberty Road,” based on the 1944 battle at Bastogne in Belgium. Currently working with screen-play writers Gavin James and Neil Widener as a Military Advisor/Historian, Reg will also be available as a consultant during the production process.