Operation Market-Garden

Tom Peeters & Erwin Janssen

Highly Recommended!

Erwin and Tom work individually. They also work together on some of their tours. Both  are very knowledgeable and Operation Market-Garden is their passion. For many years they have escorted  returning veterans and their families to the battle sites along Hell’s Highway.

Erwin’s passion is the 501 PIR and their actions in Eerde and Veghel and he lives right in the middle of the battlefields.

Tom dedicated most of his free time researching the battle at Best, his home town, liberated by the 15th Scottish Division and the battle sites of the 502 PIR.

These guys take you from the drop zones near Eindhoven to the Battlefields near Arnhem and you won’t be bored for one tiny second.

The past years, both men have hosted many veterans an families such as Richard Klein, Bobby Hunter, John Primerano, …..and the family of MOH recipient Joe Mann.