“I just got back to the U.S. from one of the most stirring and insightful battlefield tours of my long experience in that kind of endeavor. The reason it was such a unique and enjoyable time at Bastogne was simply Reg Jans and his staff of guides. I know a lot of WW II buffs and run into them constantly making movies and TV shows but there are none out there anywhere that match Reg and his group of experts who turn a simple walk into a world history lesson.  Reg knows the intimate details that really bring WW II history alive for both the serious student and the merely curious. Reg has a deep and abiding respect for the soldiers who fought in the bitter battles of the ETO and it shows in everything he does. He and his staff are also hugely personable, friendly and caring for everyone who very wisely signs up to tour with them.  I can’t recommend Reg and his services highly enough.  If you want more than just sightseeing, you need to contact Reg Jans.”

Captain Dale Dye

Actor-Military Advisor-USMC Veteran

About Reg Jans

Reg Jans’ deep passion for WWII began as a boy after talking to his grandfather (who had been wounded in 1940 while fighting in France with the Belgian Army) and watching moving picture footage of the D-Day landings, parachute drops over the Netherlands and snow-covered foxholes in the Ardennes. His grandfather’s death signaled a turning point for Reg, along with the realization that freedom does not come for free and historical knowledge should be preserved and passed on.

A true historian, Reg is a collector of information, constantly striving to build and archive the giant puzzle left behind after WWII. Preserving the legacy of the finest young men who paid the highest price for freedom.

For the last twenty years although Reg has been guiding on the European battlefields from Normandy and Operation Market Garden, he has become better known by his distinguished in-depth research on the Battle of the Bulge. He has been acknowledged in books by many leading historians including: “In the footsteps of the Band of Brothers” by Larry Alexander, “No Victory in Valhalla” by Ian Gardner, “Glider Infantry Men” by Kevin Brooks , “From Toccoa to the Eagles Nest” by Dalton Einhorn, “The Batter’s Box” by Andy Kutler and the New York Times bestseller “Spearhead” by Adam Makos.

” I don’t make History, I am only the messenger” 

Over the last few years, Reg has successfully hosted the families of General George S. Patton and General Anthony C. McAuliffe. He has walked the battlefields with “Wild Bill” Guarnere, Edward “Babe” Heffron, Forrest Guth, Ed Mauser, Paul Rogers, Ed Shames, Earl McClung and “Buck” Taylor from Easy Company and guided families of Burr Smith, Eugene “Doc” Roe, Hank Zimmerman, Walter Wentzel, Robert Strayer and Myron “Mike” Ranney.

More recently Reg successfully conducted a tour for a White House delegation who included the pilot and crew from “Marine One” and the USMC pilots from the Presidential Helicopter Squadron HMX-1.

In 2016, Reg hosted the cast of the HBO success-serie Band of Brothers in Bastogne.

Internationally regarded as both battlefield guide and friend of the WWII veterans, Jans does not hold a degree in military history, but possesses a devoted passion and enthusiasm that has made him the “go to guy” for many organizations and historians around the world.

Reg Jans is an honorary member of both the Tri State Mid-Hudson Chapter of the 82nd Airborne Division and the Airborne Demonstration Team, Oklahoma.

Lectures – voorstellingen

“Reg Jans Is a superb guide.  His knowledge (based on years of experience and research) is first rate.  My 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment (101st Airborne Division) was deployed along the northern perimeter outside Bastogne during the entirety of the “Battle of the Bulge”.  I had not returned to this area since we pulled out in January of 1945.  In the summer of 2013 Reg Jans Battlefield Experience guided me from Bastogne city and back to my old position opposite Recogne and Foy.  Reg Jans descriptions of what we experienced were accurate and well spoken.  I appreciated the comprehensive view of the battle I was given during this two day tour.  Anyone wanting an on the ground view and understanding of our experiences would do well with having Reg Jans as their guide.)

Jim “Pee Wee” Martin – A Toccoa Original (1942)

101st Airborne Division / 506th PIR / 3rd Battalion / G Company

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