When you start to plan your trip to Europe to visit some historical battlefields it is very important to have everything in order for transportation. You have to make sure you will get to all the places in time, this to secure your Hotel or B&B reservations and your guided tours. Being well informed can save you a lot of money!

On this page you find some info about traveling to and in Belgium, bus and train schedules, do’s and don’ts ! This info will help you with planning your trip.

Rent a car

Driving by yourself gives you more freedom and comfort and you are able to adjust your itinerary on route. It saves time and you don’t have to look for train and bus schedules. You don’t have to deal with delays!

Many Car Rental companies in the US ( like AVIS,HERTZ and others ) offer services to rent a car in Europe. They have pick up and drop off locations all over the continent.

  • Speed limits in Belgium : Highways  90 mph, National roads  37-60 mph, Other roads 37 mph. Towns and villages 20 mph!

  • According to the law there is NO  ‘right on red’in Belgium.

  • Be aware of the gas/diesel prices in Belgium. For Gas and Diesel you pay 8 USD per gallon.

  • You can’t just park your vehicle anywhere you want. Please look for a parking lot. Most hotels have a private lot where you can park your car.

Public Transportation

Most of the big cities and towns in Belgium have a train station, but not in the Ardennes. When you are traveling to the Ardennes you have to organize your trip very detailed. You can’t just take a train to every location. When you are travelling from Normandy to the Ardennes you have to make a stop in Brussels. There’s a direct high speed train THALYS from Paris to Brussels and the EUROSTAR  from London to Brussels.

Make your reservation or check time schedules

Important !

Bastogne cannot be reached directly by train ! You have to take a train to LIBRAMONT and then continue by bus, a 40 minute drive.

  • When you arrive in Libramont you have to take a bus or a taxi to reach Bastogne.

  • I will not pick you up at any train station or bus station unless you booked a private tour.

  • I will not make any reservations for you for buses nor trains. You can make reservations via the link on this page.

  • My tours run from 9 AM until 5:15 PM. Please keep that in mind when you make reservations.