How to book a tour

  • Please book as early as you can, I anticipate that most tours will be booked up at least six or seven months in advance. A last minute booking very often results in me being not available!

  • My Ford ‘Battle Mobile’ only accommodates four people. Larger than that, an extra vehicle will be needed to follow the bus. This doesn’t affect the tour price if it’s your own car!

  • I prefer not to take children under twelve on a tour unless they are  fanatic history buffs.

Step 1

Check my Availability here!

E-mail me with your proposed dates, the tour you wish to book and how many people will participate.

I do not take any reservations through Facebook so please don’t send me a private message if you wish to book a tour!

I will send you an e-mail back CONFIRMING DATES or NOT CONFIRMING DATES. A day can be fully booked. Or maybe you will be connected to another group. If you don’t wish to be connected to another group see my Private Tours page.

Step 2

When you received my confirmation please provide me with following details :

–    The exact number of participants

–    The Hotel or B&B where you will be staying at.

–     A working phone number.

–     Do you have an extra vehicle if needed?

–     Any special  details that I should know of.

Step 3

After I received this information I will send you a confirmation by e-mail to ensure you that your reservation is firm. I will also let you know of our meeting point and will give you some practical details.

You arrive in Belgium and take your tour or tours, safe in the knowledge that you are booked and have all the information you require.

When I am fully booked or unavailable

I also have another job so I can’t always guarantee that I will be available on the dates you propose. When I’m not available I suggest to contact my colleagues Roby Clam at , Henri Mignon at  or Frank Gubbels at . All of them are excellent guides as well but use a different style than me. Both Roby and Henri reside in Bastogne. Roby guides Bastogne and the Harlange Pocket in Luxembourg. Henri guides Bastogne and is an expert in guiding tours at the Siegfried Line. Frank is an expert regarding Bastogne and the Band of Brothers story.

Cancellation Policy

If I need to cancel your tour for a personal reason of mine, for example my illness or a problem with my vehicle, I will endeavor to find you an alternative tour, accepting that at busy times of year this may be impossible.

If you need to cancel your tour for whatever reason, you need to do so by e-mail and please do as soon as possible.

I have access to my e-mails 24/7