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‘We were Bastards’


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Exploring the Battlefields in Bastogne is a wonderful experience . You don’t have to be a WWII history freak to have a good time here but being an enthusiastic buff helps a lot. 

Many battles were fought in the small hamlets and woods around the city. There’s so much history here one can easily spend several days here, just to tour Bastogne .

I offer one and two-day , customized tours and also give private detailed tours on the Siege of Bastogne . You will learn what it was like for these brave men of the Greatest Generation to fight an unknown enemy on unknown soil , how they stood against an overwhelming German force , without enough ammo , food or warm clothing , …..

American Highlight Tour

                                        Band of Brothers Tour

                                           Bastogne Two Day Tour

                                 Then & Now Tour

                             Specialist Tour

                          Private Tour

All Bastogne tours start at 9:00 AM and end around 5:00 PM  .

It is impossible to combine a Bastogne Tour with another tour on the same day . A two-day customized tour can be made on special request  .

Please check my FAQ page for more details .