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Bastogne Two-Day Tour



Bastogne Two-Day Tour

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A two-day Bastogne tour gives you a very detailed and clear view on the Siege of Bastogne. You visit some different locations that aren’t covered in any other tours I offer  or aren’t even covered by other tour companies at all.

A two day Bastogne tour takes you to other significant battlefields, you’ ll get details and locations that were never mapped before. You will have the time to spend more time on the battlefields than on the American Highlight Tour. This is the ultimate experience for those who want MORE.

It is possible to combine two different  1 day tours like the American Highlight Tour and the Band of Brothers Tour !



This tour runs from 9 AM till 5 PM

The standard  two day tour is a mix of the American Highlight Tour and following locations.

Longvilly : The attack of the German 2nd Panzer Div, Panzer Lehr Div and 26th Volksgrenadiers.

Benonchamps – Mageret : Major Bayerlein cuts off Team Cherry, 28th Inf. and 9th AD.

Marvie : 327th Glider Inf. Reg. Lines.

Crossroad X  : The field where the German 116 Pzr Group overran the  hospital of the 326 Medical Battalion.

Longchamps : German attack on 3 Jan 1945 and 2/502 PIR lines .

Kessler Farm : Where the German party delivered their demand to                                             surrender. Capt. Adams’ CP.

Isle Le Pré : 101st ABD Partial HQ  after General Taylor took over command from Brig General Mc Auliffe.

Isle Le Pré : Drop Zone of the 506th PIR Pathfinders ( Filthy 13 ).

Chaumont – Clochimont  : 4th Armored  Division arrives near Bastogne.

Also a visit to the American cemetery in Hamm, Luxembourg can be arranged. Please know that this will take 3  hours from the tour.

Kessler Farm