Douglas A Mitchell

St.Vith – Schnee Eifel – 106 Infantry Division – Vielsalm – Kampfgruppe Peiper – Siegfried Line

Born in Seattle, Washington on 29 August 1966, Doug is a full-time American expat and former U.S. Marine married to Anita Reusch, a German girl from the Eifel.

Today, they live in her ancestral family home (c.1751) in the Bulge front line village of Grosslangenfeld. Headquarters to the 106th Recon Troop on the fateful morning of 16 Dec. 1944, it’s been welcoming Americans back ever since, thanks to father-in-law Josef, a 16-year-old Volksgrenadier in ’44 and the only German veteran inducted into the “Golden Lion’s” 106th Infantry Division Association by his loyal American friends.

In recent years, he co-founded the 106th´s officially chartered European “Bulge Chapter” with Belgian colleague Carl Wouters. At the request of the Assoc., he is also the organizer of their annual Bulge commemoration events each December in St. Vith, Belgium.

He also co-organizes a sister event in Vielsalm (B) honoring the cooperation between the Golden Lions, 82nd Airborne, 7th & 9th Armored and the 28th Infantry Division. Doug cooperates regularly with civic & historical organizations to honor the service & sacrifice of ALL the GI’s who fought in the German Borderlands in ’44-’45.

A member of the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge (VBOB) organization stateside, he supports their European tour schedule with Doris Davis & Patrick Hinchy.

Doug´s family history in the Eifel dates back to his maternal grandfather Thomas´ fighting “over there” in 1945 with the 4th Armored Division. He´s been exploring the Eifel-Ardennes with his “battlefield buddies” and their friends & families since 1997. Today, in addition to providing organization, logistical & operational support to VBOB, he enjoys creating & guiding fully personalized, historically-based adventures in plain English for visiting Americans.

In 2012, Doug and Anita also began operating a modest Bed & Breakfast in their home, offering a budget-conscious way for WWII veteran’s families to explore the Bulge up close and personal, providing “full custom” guided tours frequently focused on individual GI’s stories.