Wish I was here! Babe

by Reg Jans

It is an undisputed fact that McAuliffe Square in Bastogne is a perfect place for a cozy evening dinner on the terrace during the summer months. If you are in good company, it is the perfect place to also consume some various local delicacies- Beers.

Café ‘Le Nut’s !’, deliberately misspelled for marketing reasons, is one of these places where you can combine great meals and drinks with WWII history. William Guarnere and Edward Heffron, best friends and veterans of Band of Brothers fame, decided to set up Base Camp at le Nut’s! during their returning visits to the battered bastion. At the CP they liked to entertain friends and enjoyed meeting new people.

Back in 2006, a lady nervously walked by the terrace and repeated her action a few more times until finally the blonde was called to the veterans table. As nervous as a Turkey at Thanksgiving, she nodded her head when someone asked her if she was looking for Bill and Babe.
Pleased by a friendly invite, the guest had a wonderful time. At the end of her unexpected adventure and a bit hesitant the lady asked if Bill and Babe would mind signing something for her. “Of course.” they replied, while asking the waiter for a pen or a marker.
To everyone’s surprise, the lady pulled a white bra out of her purse and handed it to Mr. Guarnere. After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, the former Sergeant started to sign the left boob, then passed on the bra to his comrade.
Clearly amused by everything that was going on Babe Heffron straightened his back and carefully wrote on the right boob: ‘WISH I WAS HERE. BABE’.

To this day it is still unclear what has happened with the bra or if it was ever worn again.

Courtesy of Frank Gubbels